Yanni – The Dream Concert: Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt cd +dvd nuevo


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Label:YanniWorks, Inc. – 88875188472
CD, Album
DVD, DVD-Video, Album
Style:New Age, Modern Classical
CD-1 One Man’s Dream (Live)
CD-2For All Seasons (Live)
CD-3Yanni: Welcome (Live)
CD-4Felitsa (Live)
CD-5Acroyali (Live)
CD-6Human Condition (Live)
CD-7Dreams Come True Interlude (Live)
CD-8Reflections Of Passion (Live)
CD-9Standing in Motion (Live)
CD-10 Nostalgia (Live)
CD-11 Niki Nana (Live)
CD-12 Santorini (Live)
CD-13International Space Station Message (Live)
CD-14The Storm (Live)
DVD-1Introduction: Dream Sequence (Live)
DVD-2One Man’s Dream (Live)
DVD-3For All Seasons (Live)
DVD-4Yanni: Welcome (Live)
DVD-5Felitsa (Live)
DVD-6Acroyali (Live)
DVD-7Human Condition (Live)
DVD-8Dreams Come True Interlude (Live)
DVD-9Reflections Of Passion (Live)
DVD-10Standing In Motion (Live)
DVD-11Nostalgia (Live)
DVD-12Niki Nana (Live)
DVD-13 Santorini (Live)
DVD-14International Space Station Message (Live)
DVD-15The Storm (Live)